Save the Children India ensures quality intervention in the lives and communities of children. Our key priority is towards increasing quality, and we ensure not only are our programmes monitored or evaluated but our internal functions also adhere to international standards. We actively seek varied opinions and document all our learnings to evolve our programs. This informs our decision-making, and we share learnings through communities of practice and adopt an action plan tracker.

We are constantly learning and checking our quality by:

  • Documenting and synthesizing our strategic impact.

  • Implementing programmes as per our Theory of Change.

  • Conducting quality assessments to ensure the quality of our work.



Knowledge and Learning Exchange Week - The annual learning event for SC India.


Institutionalized results based management for each strategic project and advocacy.


Leading Programme Quality Assessments and ensures functional integration for quality programming.

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  1. Develop, identify, prioritize, and define learning questions according to strategic goals.

  2. Implement, collate, analyze, and manage information, document learnings for future reference. This allows us to achieve excellence across operations and policy initiatives.

  3. Communicate the learning agenda at all functions – Hub and State offices.

  4. Share answers to the learning questions with key internal and external stakeholders.

  5. 2013-14

    Reflect on the purpose of the learning agenda, ensuring results and application of learnings are appropriately documented and communicated widely and any unresolved answers are taken forward to the next phase.