We have successfully launched programmes that will ensure welfare for underprivileged children, nationwide.
Browse through our aim and approach in each of these programmes.
  • Education


    We help educate and empower the marginalized children of India, ensuring their enrollment and retention in school through our holistic approach.


    children now have access to quality education and support.

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  • Child Protection

    Child Protection

    We work to protect children from different forms of persecution like child labour, child marriage, abuse, and other forms of exploitation.


    children now are protected from different forms of harm.

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  • Health and Nutrition

    Health and Nutrition

    We provide crucial healthcare support to children, which include newborn babies, infants, young children, and adolescents.


    children have benefitted from projects on healthcare & nutrition.

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  • Poverty & Inclusion

    Poverty & Inclusion

    We work to tackle child poverty and promote social inclusion.


    children are now free from the clutches of poverty.

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  • Resilience


    We work to make every underprivileged child pliable and strong.


    children are now better equipped to deal with disasters.

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  • Humanitarian


    We provide life-saving relief and rehabilitation support to vulnerable children along with their families and communities during emergencies.


    children are given the provision of humanitarian relief.

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