Poverty & Inclusion

World of sufficiency and abundance for India's children together

child poverty in India

Every child, deserves a chance to a happy and healthy childhood.
Save the Children, through several state-level programmes has enabled more than 63,000 children to secure their well-being in 2021!

Come, join our mission to provide a secure life to Every Last Child!

Many children due to their family situations are unable to access basics of life: food, shelter and education.

Our Approach

  1. Increase income of marginalised families through skill development (vocational, life, digital and financial) and engineer linkage with government livelihood programmes and social protection schemes. This is achieved through partnership and collaboration with various agencies such as CSR foundations, State Rural Livelihood Missions, and National Skill Development Corporation.
  2. Address gender gaps through youth and community engagement for women and girls empowerment.
  3. Improve capabilities of marginalised youth leading to their employment through life skills, financial literacy and digital literacy training. We also link them to vocational training offered by government-recognised institutions.