Poverty & Inclusion

Every child, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserves a chance at a prosperous life.

Save the Children, through several state-level programmes and national policy-influencing decisions, has helped 22,255 children out from the clutches of poverty in 2019!

Come, join our mission to gift a poverty-free India to Every Last Child!

Over the years, we have faced a multitude of issues but undeterred, we have devised several solutions that help us continue sharing the gift of abundance and prosperity with underprivileged children.

Here, take a look.

The Problem

Approximately 9.97 crore children in India live in poverty-stricken conditions.

  • Very few children have access to Government Schemes

    Not all children are able to access Government Schemes.

    Several children are born in poverty and continue living in poverty and extreme conditions because of their family situations. In spite of the presence of Government schemes to better children’s situation, they are unable to access decent food, basic education & protection from abuse.

  • Poor children are devoid of basic rights of survival and development

    Children are the most vulnerable portion of the poor population.

    Crores of children in India are not even aware of their basic rights. It is because of shortcomings like these, they are left behind and are unable to avail the benefits of digitization and urban development.

  • The situation for girl child in India is one of the worst in the world

    Female infanticide is still prevalent in many parts of India.

    Even though Female Infanticide has been criminalised in India, it remains an under-reported crime because of unreliable data. In 2010, the National Crime Records Bureau recorded nearly 100 male and female infanticides, presenting an official rate of less than one case of infanticide per million people.

  • Neglect of the girl child

    A girl child is still treated as a liability.

    Prevalent and regressive systems neglect the needs of the girl child. This is usually noticed wherein nutrition, hygiene, education, and protection is concerned.

  • India continues to struggle with Gender & Racial Discrimination

    Gender & Racial Discrimination continues to strangle India’s growth.

    Gender and Racial discrimination are the harsh realities of our nation. These attitudes are ingrained in many sections of Indian society, which affect not only the lakhs of children but also their families and communities.


We run programmes to support the lives of the most disadvantaged children in several ways.

Building Framework to empower children
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Building a long-term framework that ensures the voices of children are heard nationally, and globally through Child Champions who have made a huge difference in their communities, whilst equipping, training, and mentoring the Child Champions for the same.

Mapping partners
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Mapping the right partners for Programming to achieve long term sustainable impact through our programmes.

Organization Targeting
for great Impact
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Targeting Government and Civil Society Organizations to bring impact at scale for lakhs of children through policy and advocacy.

Training & Capacity
building with partners
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Training & Capacity building of organizations we partner with, like Government bodies, to improve implementation on the ground for existing Government programmes.

Engagement Programmes
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Engaging with children, youth, and community networks at locations of our programmes to achieve change on new emerging agendas and situations such as COVID 19 or Emergencies.

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With your help and support,
we will be able to reach and help every last child of our nation!

Your contribution has the power to change the course of a child’s life.

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To reduce Child Poverty and bring about Inclusion in India, Save the Children works on three sub-thematic areas under this thematic, which includes Food Security and Livelihood (FSL), Adolescents Skilling for Successful Transition (ASST), and Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP).

These sub-thematic areas respectively aim to work on livelihood for vulnerable & marginalised families of the children, improve capabilities (technical & business skills, life skills etc.), and ensure access to child-sensitive social protection.

The overall intent is to improve income and income base in families thereby increasing the chances of investment in a child’s wellbeing.

Directly Impacted 12,660

Through the consistency of our donors’ support, we have successfully impacted the lives of many children, PAN India, since 2008

We are indebted to our supporters and donors who have helped touch the lives of many. You too can make a difference.

Join us in making a lasting impact!

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Indirectly Impacted 74,165

Save the Children’s Child Poverty & Inclusion interventions are aligned with the Global Strategy and Global Education Breakthrough, that believes in providing a poverty-free childhood to all of India’s underprivileged children.

Browse further to know more about all our Child Poverty & Inclusion Programmes. Click pin to view programmes.

These images are proof of our work and your help.
We are close to achieving our goal to a nation abundant with opportunities & prosperity for our children!

Come, witness the change brought about by our Child Poverty & Inclusion Programmes.

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Help Delhi Fight Back COVID-19 by Supporting Save the Children's and Huma Qureshi's Efforts towards Setting up of a 100-bed Medical Facility in the City

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Help Delhi Fight Back COVID-19 by Supporting Save the Children's and Huma Qureshi's Efforts towards Setting up of a 100-bed Medical Facility in the City

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