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Evidence and Use

Evidence and Use | Save the ChildrenEvidence and Use | Save the Children

To guarantee the wide-scale success of any programme, collecting and analysing data becomes a poignant virtue. Introducing interventions and implementing modifications within Save the Children’s programmes have led to a larger success ratio through the Evidence & Use approach.

Save the Children was founded on the belief that every child has the potential to change the world; this is exactly what we aim to do through the Evidence & Use approach by understanding the impact of a programme and altering to ensure and sustain children’s overall growth and development.

Process of Evidence & Use includes


Here are a few images that speak volumes of our achievements.
This has only been possible because of our donors’ support.

Early childhood Care and Education | Save the Children

To influence through evidence-based advocacy for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to be the right of every child (3-6 years) that results in easy transition for children from preschool to public primary schools. The component of ECCE will strengthen the quality of learning in public primary schools.

Sepsis management in Young Infants | Save the Children

To improve Sepsis (PSBI) management in young infants by Testing of Simplified Antibiotic Regimens for Outpatient Treatment of Possible Serious Bacterial Infections (PSBI)

Issue Of Safety | Save the Children

To generate evidence on the issue of safety of girls in public spaces

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