Girl child education in India

Education can change lives, shape futures and make a man. A man. Not a woman, because many girls in vast numbers suffer the wrath of inequality. The Indian girl has been deprived of this valuable gift, as they are not considered worthy of the same.

From a very early stage in their lives, girls from this part of the society have been pushed into household chores, in the hopes that soon they will be married off and their only identity would be that of housewives, daughter-in-laws and someday mothers.

This leaves them unable to earn a real income even if they wish to do that, as the families they come from or the people around them mostly believe that their only profession is that of a homemaker. This mentality fuels the stereotype, which believes, that a woman’s place is in the Kitchen and not the Office.

One of the other factors that hinder a girl’s education is the matter of ‘safety’. Parents are often afraid to send their daughters to schools because of the rise in crimes against females. Often starting with teasing and taunts, these crimes can take the form of ‘assaults’ before one has the time to register it, leading parents to wish to keep their daughters ‘safe’ from the world by sealing her away.
Some parents in the society also fear the possibility of their daughters becoming ‘too independent’ and not wanting to get married early, threatening the parents’ ‘honor’ in the society. But what needs to be instilled in the minds of people is the fact that girls are competing with boys in all spheres of life.

Educating a girl, will start a phenomenal chain of reformation in the society. Females of all ages deserve to feel empowered and education insures that they never lack confidence in their abilities.
An educated girl or a working woman will never deduct anything from the lives of those around them, only add good values in the future generations and contribute economically in their households. The numbers of out-of-school females are staggering which is what many government policies and NGOs like Save the Children aim to work towards.

Your contributions also make a big impact in the lives of the girls we aim to help and empower. We believe that every child deserves equal opportunities, regardless of who they are and where they’re from.

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