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The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment. Marking this year’s Day of the girl, Save the Children invoked the power of poetry in a bid to demand a better future for the girls and women of India. Working towards their bright future is extremely important right now as the world prepares to unlock itself. We need to Rewrite the New Normal for girls and unlock the potential that girls stand to be denied, now more than ever.

A lot of celebrities and social activists extended their support to our cause of the girl child and sent in their poems dedicated to this special cause.

Kamla Bhasin: A noted poet & activist shared a powerful Hindi poem that makes it clear that the worlds belongs to girls as much as it belongs to the boys.

Neha Dhupia: Actress did a recitation of Dr. Maya Angelou’s famous ‘Caged Bird’ – a mesmerizing and inspiring poem.

Dia Mirza: Actress shared a thought-provoking poem of activist Kamla Basin.

Our Child Champions and Youth Advocates also invoked the power of poetry to drive home the message: “Together #WeRewrite, the Future of Our Girls”.

Nandana Sen: Actress shared a powerful and personal dedication to the girls with a poem that her late mother Nabaneeta Dev Sen wrote.

She translated her mother late author Nabaneeta Dev Sen’s Bengali poem Ei Kaal: Chirokaal (Right Now: Forever) because of the “message of invincibility” that the words reflected. Time has not the power to extinguish me, Don’t think for a moment that I wait upon Time. Let Time keep on playing his absurd battle game, Every time he strips me, I rise clothed without shame; With the force of prayer, of spells magic and divine, All that was untimely will turn auspicious, sublime.
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Pragya Vats, Head of Campaigns at Save the Children and Prabhat Kumar, Head of Child Protection at Save the Children were part of an insightful panel discussion held of the #DayOfTheGirl on the topic: ‘When will women’s bodies stop being a battle ground for Caste and Patriarchy?’

Save the Children is holding a virtual video competition for which we are inviting young girls & boys (17-25 years) to be part of the solutions in making our country safe for girls. The last date for entries is 4th November.

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