Why We Donate to NGO in India

Thursday 30 June 2016

An act of good deed lasts long. Not only does it give you a sense of being a change-maker, it also helps underprivileged people to improve their lives. Contributing to NGOs working for the cause of poor and deprived people is a great act of kindness. It’s emotionally fulfilling and when you donate to a charity which does real on-ground work, you become a catalyst for diving change in the lives of people who are on the bottom rung in the socio-economic ladder.

Below we discuss some reasons why you should support a charity

A sense of inner satisfaction
Not everyone in this world has the necessary means to live a dignified and fulfilling life. Even in 2016, crores of people in the world live below the accepted poverty line. There are numerous children and people who are deprived of essentials like healthcare, safety, education, shelter, etc. If parting with some portion of your income can help in turning around the life of even one marginalised child, the act is worth it. Donating for a legit cause is sure to give you great inner satisfaction. Isn’t seeing your money helping a child reach school or helping them leave behind a life of child labour gratifying to the core?

You’ll feel rich!
Yes, you read that right. Giving to those who are less privileged than you will make you realize that even though you have a capped income, you still have the capacity to give and make a difference. You need not be a millionaire or a “High net worth” individual to donate for a cause. All you need is a will and disposition to help people come out from the quagmire of issues they are in. Donating to an NGO will only leave you feeling richer and will bring in an unparalleled sense of fulfillment.

Be a part of something bigger
Often before donating to an NGO, a thought crosses our mind that what impact can our small contribution possibly make. But think of it this way. When you give money to a reputed NGO like Save the Children, you join forces with thousands of other donors and the money goes to a pool which is then utilized to craft and execute life-altering projects for the most vulnerable children of India. When combined with numerous other donations, your small contribution becomes bigger – so much big that it can change the lives of lakhs of children. Therefore, a limited contribution goes on create a large impact. NGOs in India are doing some truly amazing work, helping children and their communities come out from poverty.

You contribute to the economic growth of the country
A big part of NGO’s work revolves around enabling and equipping backward communities march ahead in life. It can be helping girls reach school to go on to become empowered women or assisting poor farmers in improving their crop yield. The ultimate aim is to help communities become stronger on the economic front. This can have far-reaching impact on the country’s economy and progress. Aware, mature and better empowered communities put the country on the path of progress.

Tax Deduction
Donating to NGOs comes with a great reward. The amount you donate gets deducted from your taxable income and you are thus, not liable to pay any income tax to it. While this shouldn’t be the key reason for donating for a cause, it is surely a great bonus. And you achieve two good things with one act. You change someone’s life through your donation and at the same time, you save money. Organizations like Save the Children send tax exemption receipts to their donors within two weeks of receiving their donations.

There are several reasons for donating to an NGO. A lot of people want to work for social causes but because of their busy lives, they are not able to go on-ground and render their contribution. It is therefore advisable to commit your financial support to an NGO doing real work for social upliftment, like Save the Children, which has emerged as best NGO for charity in India. Donate to an NGO today and you will end up having more tomorrow. Giving will bring with it immense satisfaction.