Is there any advantage of donating online?

Yes. As using the online medium as primary resource to donate is a far more cost effective than costly channels like field offices or call centers.

How do I become a volunteer for Save the Children?

We do not have an officlial volunteering program. We undertake our groundwork by meticulously hiring various kinds of professionals in the field of education, health & nutrition and child protection. However, if you leave your information, we will contact you in future as and when a need or requirement arises and if you meet our selection criteria. Also, we encourage you to donate as it is one way in which you can start helping children in need.    

Is it very complicated to donate online?

Not at all. It's simple and safe. Here's what you have to do to make a donation online the Save the Children site:
Specify your donation details .
Specify the mode of payment.
Your selection will be displayed for review .Please check the information carefully and 
make sure that it is correct. If not, change them as desired.
Once you confirm that the details are correct, you will be taken to the payment gateway. 
Fill in your credit card details. You will get an immediate confirmation of your donation. 
You will also receive an email confirmation message with the unique transaction id.

Do I need any special hardware or software to donate online?

No. But if this is the first time that you are doing any online transaction involving use of a credit card, you need to ensure that the transaction is secure. Its always better to use the most updated browser.

Is it safe to give my credit card details online?

Sure it is. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive 
information, such as your personal information and your credit card details, are protected.

How can I donate online?

You can contribute by using Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking

How safe is my personal information with Save the Children ?

We are committed to protecting your personal information with us. For more details, please do read our Privacy Policy.

What if my address or phone number changes?

You can always email us at [email protected] to update this information

I notice you have mentioned dollars, but can I donate in sterling pound or any other currency?

We accept online donation only in Indian Rupees.

Are there any tax benefits for donating to Save the Children?

Save the Children offers 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Will you send me tax exemption certificate?

Certainly, For Online donations, we send a PDF of the 80G certificate within 2 weeks and for Offline donations, we send a hard copy of the 80G certificate within 30 working days, after your transaction is confirmed in the records. However this receipt is valid for residents in India only. 

And here's our PAN in case you need it: AAAAB5052C

What if I want to discontinue my monthly contributions which are directly debited from my bank account?

You can surely do that. All you need to do is to make a request at least 2 weeks prior to your next auto debit date. You can write to [email protected] or call +91 124 4746000

How do I contact you regarding my donation?

For more assistance or information on donating to Save the Children please do write to  [email protected] or call +91 124 4746000. You can also send a letter to:

Save the Children, Bal Raksha Bharat
Donor Support
1st & 2nd Floor,
Plot No. 91, Sector - 44
Gurgaon (Haryana) - 122003
Tel: +91 124 4746000

Please tell me more about Save the Children's partnership with third party vendors and agencies to raise funds. 

To enable us do this, we send direct appeals, updates via snail mail and email. We also use other avenues like face-to-face marketing and tele-marketing to reach out to 
individuals. Save the Children partners with third party agencies to support us in our work. Each representative / DSA (direct sales agent) from the agencies will carry with them.
An identification card stating clearly that he/she is a Save the Children representative. 
The card will also carry the Save the Children logo and contact details of our offices.
The relevant Save the Children literature

The representatives are not authorized to collect/ ask for / accept any cash donations for Save the Children. Only a cheque or demand Draft in favour of Bal Raksha Bharat or Save the Children can be accepted by them.

Declaration by Save the Children
Save the Children is registered as Bal Raksha Bharat in India. We are a member of Save the Children International Alliance. We do not exist in any other form or under any other name in India. Our corporate office address in India is:

1st & 2nd Floor,
Plot No. 91, Sector - 44
Gurgaon (Haryana) - 122003
Tel: +91 124 4752000, 4752100
Fax: +91 124 4752199

All the content and claims made are exclusive properties of Save the Children India. For more information please email us on [email protected]

Please Note: Save the Children is registered as Bal Raksha Bharat in India. All donations made to Save the Children, Bal Raksha Bharat, Society Registration No. S/51101/2004 are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of IT Act 1961 vide Director of Income Tax (Exemptions), New Delhi, Letter no. DIT (E) – 2008/B-1120/2089, dated 09-10-2007 valid from 01/04/2007 to 31/03/2010.

As per amendment to Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, approvals once granted shall continue to be valid in perpetuity and do not require renewal on expiry. 

How we help children

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

We provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginalised communities.



Save the Children helps children with the donation money and provides them access to quality education. Visit the website to read about what we do for children's education.

Child protection

Child protection

All children have the right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Donate Money & Support Charity to Keep children safe & free from harm. You can also donate online to support a Child Protection Programme.



Your donation can help emergency response NGOs for disaster management work. Save the Children has several emergency response plans to help disaster struck areas.