Rohan* used to live in Metiaburj, located in the South western part of Kolkata, along with his parents and older brother.

With an insufficient income, Rohan along with his mother and sibling found a safe haven in their maternal uncle’s home. Rohan and his brother had to work in a slipper factory and started to support their mother by providing Rs.50/- while still pursuing their primary education.

With every passing day, things got worse and their mother contracted a bone disease along with a worsening heart condition. Rohan and his sibling were forced to quit school and to continue working full time in the factory. Seeing the mounting hospital bills at home, Rohan’s sibling gave up all responsibilities and ran away from home, leaving young Rohan in-charge of their mother’s ill health and the diminishing finances at home.

Things at the factory weren’t good either. With a history of physical abuse by the owner and a meagre salary, Rohan was distressed and angry. He set out to look for a respectful work environment and a decent earning.

Through Save the Children’s intervention in the New Horizons project, Rohan was trained in both, technical as well as in soft skills. On mapping his interest with the team, he was encouraged to join the Facility Management course that would help him develop some technical skills and gain employment.

After completion of his technical training, he started On Job training at a nearby restaurant, which guaranteed him a steady income.

“Life skills session enabled me to identify my strengths and area of improvements. After attending the first day of my life skill class, I cried for hours thinking that I wasted many years. If I had identified it earlier, it might have lead me towards my golden days sooner,” said Rohan.

*Name and image of the child have been changed to ensure the safety.

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