Helping children with psycho-social problems: Read Rahul's story

Thursday 6 April 2017
Behind the diffident smile on this child’s face there is grief of losing his parents. A tragedy like this proves to be a very lonely experience for bereaved children. Such children need to be specially looked after and cared for.


Rahul, a student of second standard of Kunduli Upper primary school in Odisha, lost his parents to an unknown disease when he was very young. Though his kind grandparents took good care of him but still he was extremely sensitive when it came to facing reality. He use to start weeping on petty issues and it was difficult to console him. Also, he was not able to concentrate on studies and had no friends in school.

Save the Children through its the project: 'Enhancing Learning Level of Children' is helping children like him. We are training teachers in the identification of such psycho-social problems among children. We also explain them that how they can render counseling to such children.

In case of Rahul, Ms Leelabati Panigrahi, his teacher, was trained by us. She was requested to pay special attention to him. She insured that she is soft spoken to him, he is not bullied or teased by other kids in the class and also that he is appreciated time to time for his efforts in studies. All this brought results as the introvert Rahul gradually got acquainted with the school environment. He is now doing well in school in terms of both studies and coordinating with other kids.

Rahul wishes to be an administrative officer in future so that he can serve the poor people of his area.