The Time to Put “Children First” is Now - #Vote4Children


The upcoming Lok Sabha elections are an opportunity to make a difference. No longer can we afford to allow our politicians to continue neglecting children. It’s time to stand up for furthering children’s rights in the political agendas of different political parties. Take the #Vote4Children pledge today or give a missed call to 011-66030030.

Even in this day and age, 178 lakh children are unable to attend school. About 14 lakh children lose their lives every year to easily preventable diseases which means one child is dying every 20 seconds. Close to 126 lakh children are involved in child labour with many of them performing hazardous jobs.  Almost 3 lakh newborns in India are unable to see the second days of their lives.

We just cannot make peace with these grim statistics. These are hard-hitting numbers which dwarf the much-touted ‘Indian Growth Story’. They raise questions – Are we really developing the way we should be? Can we go on neglecting our children and remain mute spectators to what is happening to them?

The poll bugle in the country has been sounded. The battle lines have been drawn for Lok Sabha Elections 2014. In this electorally-charged atmosphere, let the cause of children not take a backseat. Save the Children is working hard to ensure that these elections are not business as usual. We have come up with a Children’s Manifesto through which we are appealing to different political parties to give significant attention to issues related to child health, education, and protection in their election manifestos.

India of 21st century needs to ascertain that issues concerning children must emerge high on the political agenda and so that we can create a nation where every child counts. While malls and flyovers, airports and expressways are fine, it’s the children who are our future and we cannot go on ignoring them. In the run up to the General Elections, join us in our #Vote4Children campaign. Take the pledge here or a give a missed call to 011-66030030.

To read ‘Children’s Manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2014’, click here.