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Stop child labour

Innocent children continue to work as child labourers across hundreds of cities, slums, and villages in the country, despite a number of steps taken to introduce a social reform. Apart from poor school infrastructure and less educational opportunities, poverty also contributes to the issue. India’s poverty issue is the main reason why thousands of children are forced to work as child labourers across the country. In most cases, the family members of the children hailing from socially backward communities force to work in factories and industries. Some children have to work in order to earn money.

Childhood marks a child’s formative years of growth and development as an individual. It also forms the basis of a child’s education and career. Child labour deprives children of a fun-filled childhood by snatching the opportunity to experience different aspects of a childhood. It’s very important for the responsible citizens of the country to support non-governmental organizations combat this social evil lead India towards a better future.

NGOs are trying to end child labour by looking closely at the following aspects:
1. Child labour in factories and industries
Social organisations and NGOs are working with the government and running programs to end the evil practice. They hold sessions across the country and try to sensitize their parents and employers regarding the issue. A lot of children work in long shifts to earn money and feed themselves and their families. You will be surprised to know that a whopping 10 million minors work in farms, industries and factories across the country. Many of them abused and subjected to sexual exploitation. This affects their self-esteem and hinders their overall growth.

2. Implementation of policies
Save the Children constantly pressurises the government to introduce new policies and laws that aim to fight child labour. Social organisations and activists run campaigns to end the evil practice that has been destroying the lives of many innocents.

3. Creating awareness
It’s very important to spread the word and tell people about the sad plight of poor and helpless children who are forced to work as child labourers. Save the Children also publishes many articles and reports to shed light on the positive results of their efforts. Other programs feature popular activists and celebrities that participate in high-publicity campaigns.

The government and social organisations Civil have been taking active measures to combat child labour. Popular NGOs have robust models in place that have been designed by developed economies and have successfully fought the practice. Individual and corporate donations have helped lakhs of children find a new lease of life. Therefore, it is very important for every responsible citizen of the country to donate and help the most deprived children.

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