Sport – one common language that the world resonates with, sports are all-encompassing in scope and come with an unparalleled sense of enthusiasm and participation. Save the Children is ecstatic to announce our collaboration with the Street Child United for a one-of-a-kind event to bring forward the voice of children on street – ‘The Invisibles’.

The Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019, aims to change the way children living on the streets are seen and treated. The event also creates a global platform for these young people, and organisations that support them, to campaign and advocate for their cause. The Street Children World Cup final will take place at the Home of Cricket – The iconic Lord’s Stadium on Tuesday, 7th May 2019. The goal is to inspire a brighter, safer future for street-connected children everywhere. Let’s cheer together for the love of cricket and for the cause of children on the streets! HOPE foundation Lord’s Cricket Ground…/street-child-cricket-world-cup-fina…

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