Eradication of poverty through education in India

Wednesday 15 June 2016
One of the biggest reasons of widespread poverty in India is the lack of education in millions of children and adults. Education is vital for the right and full-scale development of people’s skills, something which makes them capable of earning a living. Lack of education in a community directly renders it incapable of performing tasks through which they can earn money (or at least good amount of money). This translates into lack of economic growth and even exploitation of the community in question.

Education can be the most effective tool to tackle large-scale poverty entrenched in various parts of India. Children who receive holistic and quality education are enabled and empowered to grow up into mature, skilled and qualified adults who are eligible for picking up employment or launch their own enterprise. This is a sentiment which has been echoed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has said: "This is an era of knowledge. This is the only potent route to fight poverty. We have to review our commitment to education."

The role of education in helping poor come out of poverty
Children are the future of any country. For an emerging and developing country like India, development and upliftment of needy and deprived children can drive the progress of the nation. Education is the key using which several issues (and not just poverty) such as healthcare, population control, unemployment and even human rights issues can be addressed. Educated individuals are more likely to escape the traps of economic and social despair. On a larger scale, the rewards of individuals getting educated also flow into the entire community, which in turn can have an impact on the entire nation. An educated community can progress far better as they can achieve better health and robust economic independence. It can see higher levels of home ownership, entrepreneurial activities and improved infrastructure. All this adds up in enabling communities to come out from the quagmire of poverty.

Why you should donate for education of children
If you are genuinely interested in helping India grow economically, then nothing will work better than helping poor children gain quality education. Make a donation for child education programmes run by trusted children’s charities like Save the Children to bring more and more deprived children into the fold of education and give them the tools and impetus to march ahead in life. The organisation successfully executes projects in the hinterlands of India which are aimed at providing the right learning opportunities to children. Save the Children works to bolster the spread of education amongst the marginalised communities of India in the following ways:
  1. It maps out-of-school children (street children, children of slum dwellers, child labourers, etc.) and grooms and prepares them to take the leap to formal schooling
  2. It conducts enrolment drives and spreads awareness among communities to give children their legitimate right to study and learn in life.
  3. The NGO trains teachers and equips them with Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) to make learning an interactive, joyful and fruitful process.
  4. It works in hundreds of AanganwadiCentres in various parts of India to promote Early Childhood Education wherein young children are readied to make it to formal schools.
  5. The organisation works to improve school infrastructure, set libraries right, conduct extra-curricular activities, provide computer literacy and promote group learning among other things to ensure that children receive holistic education (and not just become literates).
  6. In all Save the Children’s education initiatives, there is a special focus on girl child education because educating girls can have a ripple effect and can lead to further spread of education – in the family and in the community.
Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. When children in India will get educated, they can contribute their significant bit to the process of nation-building. Education is the best answer to poverty and an array of other related issues. As responsible citizens, it our duty to help Indian children learn and make it big in life. Support a serious NGO working for children’s education today and make a difference.