Children and pregnant women face hardship tackling winter in relief camps, Muzaffarnagar, U.P.

Reports have surfaced recently of children dying, due to cold and poor facilities at the relief camps in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of families were displaced when communal violence erupted in Muzzafarnagar and adjoining districts three months back. Though temporary relief shelters have been set up, those affected refused to return home fearing for their safety.

Save the Children’s on-ground team has completed assessmentsand following areas of immediate concern have emerged:

-          Lack of blankets and warm clothes for winter, especially for mother’s with babies and young children

-          Despite the presence of few hand pumps, provision for water supply is inadequate for the large number of families residing in the camp

-          Very few sanitation units (toilets and bathing rooms) with not much privacy for women

-          Inadequate drainage facilities, near to the water sources which might result in an outbreak of water borne diseases

-          Roofing material and hygiene kits have reached only few households

The team is currently in the process of planning distribution of relief material to 1000 families in the Muzaffarnagar camps that need immediate assistance, as identified by the team. Relief material includes food baskets, hygiene kit, blankets, tarpaulin sheet and nutritional support for babies.  

You can be a part of our efforts to help children and families facing hardship in the Muzaffarnagar relief camps by donating on the link below: